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2 (Sept. 14) Perumation and Array

9 (Nov. 2) Emerson and Wittgenstein

Philosophical Investigations (1945),
emphasizing vernacular, self-questioning, and dialog
(Google preview) (a set of cards not put into final order_
Rosmarie Waldrop
& Danny Snelson's [end of pg].
Give your response in a form that imitates one of these stytles (or the styles from last week)

Wednesday, Setptember 30, at KWH, 6pm, Rob Halpern

We're not saying that it's always so trivial, though. Rousseau takes TMI to a whole new level by paying special attention to memories of all kinds. After all, how does anyone know the difference between an important memory and one that fades into the background of life? Rousseau figures it out by writing it out, so to speak. Sometimes, that means that we get some pretty inconsequential details. But other times—like when he talks about his favorite walnut tree—we get a glimpse of his most formative experiences.

Monday, October 5, at KWH 5:30 PM: Rodrigo Toscano

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14 (Dec. 7 Last Class): Delivery: performance of prose, "giving a paper"
There is no final paper for this course. Instead all participants will work together to create a final group author essay using collaborative digtial tools (wiki? Google doc?). For this weeks reading/writing: begin work on this project. We can discuss on Nov. 30 the approach. In class for Dec. 7, each person will present a prose work in terms of "delivery" -- and we will discuss various modes of the performance of critical writing at conferences or in lectures. Each person should prepare a five-minute speach and we will then discuss and critique.

11 (Nov. 16) Michael Davidson class visit
Michael Davidson reading Nov. 17 at KWH
Because Davidson has very limited hearing, it would be helpful for you to put at the top of your responses a couple of questions for him that he can read.
"Cleavings": "Strange Blood":

Option additional reading by Davidson.
"" in new Disability Keywords collection.

Monday, Ocober 19, at KWH, 5:30 PM: Nick Montfort

8 (Oct. 26) Digression, Meditation, Monads, Prophesy

Raymond Queneau, Exercises in Style (Penn Book Center)

Take a key segment, on paragraph to up to three pages, from your scholarly work; present the original and re-write in three styles, inspired by this book. Suggestion: make one as loaded with technical terms as possible while still remaining "faithful" to your ideas; make one as simple as possible, for a reader with no relevant background information; make on belle-lettrisitc (focussed on beautful, lyric language); make one reductive and schematic and polemic; translate into Basic English, etc. Try one round in line with Postmodern Essay Generator above. See also Tim Dean's critique of in Fall 2015 issues of Berlant and Edelman in (and their reply at end of response).
Optional: try to cast the segment as a comic strip: For example, is a review by of the graphic novel Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi and also Nick Sousanis: and . Also: s.

3 (Sept. 21) Register, tone, angle and the vernacular imaginary
Claudia Rankine, Citizen (Penn Book Center)
from the book at Temple (final item on the page)
Select one passage from this book. Rewrite in three different prose styles: paraphrase or summary, first person, different vernacular, op ed, polemical speech, cast via "theory" (race, psychoanalysis, post-colonial, epistolary, comic strip (see above), "basic," or other. Comment (and on the book too!).
Extension (optional):

Wednesday, Oct. 28, at 6:3pm in KWH: Peter Cole, intro: Ariel Resnikoff
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FREE Rousseau Confessions Essay - Example Essays

Although Rousseau's our go-to guy for autobiographical writing, he's got some big shoes to fill. St. Augustine's Confessions (397 CE) set the standard way before Rousseau's granddaddy's granddaddy was around. But Rousseau sets himself apart from the pack by giving us a taste of everything: scandal, repentance, religion, and nostalgia. It also doesn't hurt that Rousseau is writing during the , a time particularly famous for its razor-sharp philosophers. Maybe that's why Rousseau covers so much ground: he's trying to figure out how the autobiography genre fits into a time in history when everything is being questioned.

Confessions (Rousseau) - Wikipedia

Plus, Rousseau's not just ruminating on one tiny part of his life. The Confessions was completed in 1770, but he's pretty set on chronicling every one of his fifty-three years on Planet Earth. That's a lot of material to get through, but it means that we get a complete picture (or "portrait," as he'd like to say) of one of the most prominent eighteenth-century thinkers (1.1.1).

The Confessions is an autobiographical book by Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Ever heard of the Information Age, Shmoopers? Let's just call it the time when computers and new-fangled stuff started to change the way we take in information. Okay, how about the Too Much Information (TMI) Age? Now we're talking. When your cousin posts her grocery list on Facebook, you know you're deep into the time of TMI.

Rousseau "Confessions" Essay Topics - Auburn University

Shmoopers, that's a pretty revolutionary idea. Sure, it's easy to flick on the television today and see something similar, but Rousseau is basically belting to the buttoned-up eighteenth century. Picking up a copy of The Confessions back then was kind of like slyly sneaking a peek at a tabloid in the grocery store line.

SparkNotes: Jean-Jacques Rousseau (1712–1778): The Confessions

And it's not like our guy dwells on the boring stuff, like what he ate for lunch. Nope, Rousseau shares every steamy detail of his sex life and every sinful thought. His goal is to give his reader a glimpse at the real Rousseau, flaws and all.

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