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However, how does one prove the existence of such a God.

Just think of Homer, Socrates, Jesus and Shakespeare.
(2) However, scientific inquiries seem to indicate that these persons did exist after all!
(3) God had a large impact on history, and his existence is doubted today.
(4) Therefore, God exists.

If God exists and God wrote the Bible, then rainbows are actually proof that God exists.

Whether or not one WANTS god to exist does not determine if god DOES exist. Whatever you want to believe is irrelevant if its unjustifiable. Rather then relying on a faith based assumption of an immoral, murdering magical sky daddy I like in a world where I can make evidence based conclusions about morality, learn from the past and not be chained to bronze age mythology.

Can a mathematical concept be seen? No. Does it exist? Yes.

King was a fool, do you?(3) That's what I thought.(4) Therefore, God exists.

The origin of the universe and of life can be distilled to a philosophical proof that philosophers refer to as a “disjunctive syllogism” (the latin name is modus tollendo ponens).Here is a simple example of a disjunctive syllogism:Bill’s pet is either a cat or a dog.
Bill’s pet is not a cat.
Therefore, Bill’s pet is a dog.With regards to the origins of the universe and of life, we can compose the following disjunctive syllogism:The universe (and life) resulted from either randomness or intentionality.
The universe (and life) did not result from randomness (as I have demonsrated in my posts).
Therefore the universe and life resulted from intentionality.And intentionality requires intelligence.Simply put, because there are only two options with regard to this issue, ruling out one option necessarily implies the other.The only ways to invalidate this philosophical proof are the following: 1) Demonstrate that there exists a third option to randomness vs. intentionality (which is impossible because there cannot be a third option). 2) Demonstrate that the universe or life resulted from randomness or that the universe is eternal (thereby doing away with the need for an origin). I have effectively eliminated both of these options in my posts.

From there read, Then read the post entitled The concept of an eternally existing universe is absolutely crucial for atheism because it is the only way to do away with the need for a Creator.

Does God exist - Get Coursework & Essay Homework …

It's a gift that you have, you just don't believe it.(3) Therefore, God exists.

It is difficult, however, to dismiss all evil as illusory. If it appears to me that I am racked with disease, but that appearance is merely illusory, then it is nevertheless a painful illusion. Even if the disease is no evil because it does not exist, the appearance of disease remains an evil. Objective suffering may, perhaps, coherently be dismissed as illusory, but subjective suffering cannot be.

There are, however, two responses to the problem of evil that do not grant the eminently plausible background assumptions. The first is the . The second is the denial that evil exists.

Fails to see that atheist has more than one copy of proof.)(3) Therefore, God exists.
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Does God Exist? - English for Students

I’d love to hear a better argument for why god doesn’t just make it easy for us to measure his existence, the free will excuse just doesn’t hold up, it’s clutching at straws in the most illogical, irrational, and desperate show of denial.

Does God Exist? :: essays research papers - 123helpme

Proving a truth does not prohibit someone from disregarding it and it does not take away their free will. When the earth was proven not to be flat, people didn’t all of a sudden lose their free will, they just said “well, I guess it ain’t flat” or continued to believe it was flat anyway. If god simple proved his existence then many would at least believe in him, many would convert to him, many would hate and rebel against him, some would probably still refuse to believe and attribute his physical manifestation to some sort of government conspiracy.

Essay: Does God Exist? by Tawa Anderson - …

This whole article is wrong. If god can’t show himself because it will somehow destroy our freewill, then why does Peter deny Jesus? Jesus is god – he reviled himself to Peter, yet Peter still chose to go against him. God shows himself MANY times in the bible to Moses, Jonah, Elijah etc… Will they all now go to hell since god supposedly showed himself to them? It would NOT have any affect on free will if god would show himself. I suspect the reason he doesn’t is the same reason Thor or Zeus or any other god doesn’t show themselves – they simply don’t exist.

by Tawa Anderson Does God Exist

Pointing out the absurd improbability of a universe capable of producing life occurring by chance is known as the anthropic fine tuning argument (discussed in more depth in Is There a God? (What is the chance that our world is the result of chance?)). In order to counter this argument, atheists have resorted to postulating multiple universes. So many universes exist—goes the atheist argument—that it should be no surprise that a universe such as ours, with the absurdly improbable constants and values necessary to enable life, exists. London Times science writer Clifford Longley points out that the desperation of this counter argument illustrates in just how tight of a spot atheists find themselves, in his article Focusing on Theism, (London Times, January 21, 1989, p. 10):

Does God exist? Is there evidence for the existence of God?

As far as your second question, about natural disasters, you will find my answer in the post entitled “If God is Good, Why Do Evil and Suffering Exist?”

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