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good workplease don’t cut down trees

Modern-day opposition continues: some condemn the Christmas tree because they believe that the custom of cutting down a tree, erecting it in the home and decorating it is a Pagan custom. 1

Deforestation is defined as cutting down, clearing away or burning trees or forests.

It is generally recommended that you do not cut a tree’s roots, and this is something that should only happen out of necessity. Some situations in which cutting a tree’s roots may be warranted include the following:

Many people who cut down trees to sell to other companies.

Deforestation is cutting down, clearing away or burning trees or forests.

The consequences of this act that involves human beings willing to cut down trees, burning plants, and destroy habitats of animals are just actions to satisfy some human being.

Two more families affected I know well, are
Balarams Great Grand Father was a Jamindar probably the richest among our group of families. He has built a palace like building clearing many trees. Shortly after he lost all the property. He died of shock. His family was on roads. Balarams family not recovered even after 4th generation.

Don’t cut down trees… | Teacherplus

Therefore, a large amount of trees were cut down and led to forest destruction....

Cutting down a tree can be dangerous, so it is almost always recommended that you hire a properly trained and equipped professional whenever possible. If you are unable to hire a professional tree service or arborist and need to fell the tree yourself, then these may help things go more smoothly.

It’s almost always best to hire a professional company to cut down a tree for you. Before doing so, you should educate yourself about typical tree cutting prices. The cost to cut down a tree depends on a variety of different factors. You can spend as little as $125, or you could end up spending around $1,500 or more. Read our and learn more .

Ninety percent of the earth’s trees between three and four hundred years old have been cut down.
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Tree Cutting & Felling Tips | Cutting Down a Tree

In a plant life span, there are many positive and negative factors that influence plant health. Because a tree or shrub is alive and green, doesn’t always mean it’s healthy. It may just be holding on. Unfortunately, there is no exact way to tell if a plant is doing well. For example in Azaleas, changes in the amount of micro-nutrients in the soil mix greatly affects the size of the plant and the size of the root system. In turn, experimenting with the micro-nutrients allows the plants to develop more roots below ground. The development of roots below ground absorbed more nutrients, which allow the leaves and flowering part to flourish. Nobody knows, though, even when getting the right combination of nutrients, how much a tree is going to grow. As refinement in soils and nutrients become more to the trees liking, many trees may grow taller. There are also other factors that may cut down on the growth of the tree, too. If one or two factors are not synchronized properly, you will get green leaves, but the overall tree size is not great. People try to rectify these problems by adding too much of a product. Nitrogen fertilizers that are put down in excess may cause more harm than help. Too much nitrogen would knock the proportionality off of the other level of nutrients and elements in the soil. Another misconception is that you can’t get too much phosphorus, and additional phosphorus helps make a good root system. When too much phosphorouss is added, it can tie up essential micro-nutrients, iron and manganese, and can suppress plant growth. In each species of plants, there is no ideal soil pH. The common misconception here is that the soil should be heavily limed to raise the pH to six and a half to seven. In reality, if the soil is a lower pH, trees will grow much better. (9)

What are the pros and cons of cutting down trees? - …

cutting down trees is not a bad thing paper and wood housing are now one of the biggest forms of stored CO2 how ever the trees removed for this need to be replaced as an eg (figs prob now exsact) an oak tree takes in 40 % more CO2 during the first 50 years of its life tan the rest of its life if it lves for 200 years the trees do need to be conseved thought to allow green high ways to allow migration and movment of species and the rain forests are being destroyed compleatly in a sercumstance like that they arent just choping down the trees they are destroying the whole habbitat and much of the deforested area is then turned over to oil producing plants which are then used in many procesed foods and to produce biofuel ( that o so great invention along with electric powered veicals thats no really benefit to the envronment in fack is probley more damaging) and so the trees are not replanted and the habitat has no hope of recovery as the soil has very little nutriant value and so once the farmers have no use it is left to become desert this causes more flood problems land slides ect because with out the tree roots and other plants the soil is not held in place this is asabated by the lack of folage so the rain hit the ground hard from full hight rather than being despersed and driped gently hope this was of help as all arguments must be able to argue both sides, but remember dead trees are good left for animal use as well

Cutting down trees lead to more disadvantages than advantages

The one thing that comes to most people’s minds when a tree comes in their way is an axe. They don’t think twice about cutting down beautiful trees that might even be a 100-years old. However, there is one person who does things differently – businessman/artist/environmentalist – Vijayaram, who has started the Society for Awareness & Vision on Environment in Hyderabad. Apart from anti-plastic campaigns, distribution of clay Ganeshas, water harvesting, and tree planting, SAVE now offers the service of tree translocation.

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